Our Capabilities

Bulk earthworks are required for all major construction projects whether they be civil construction projects such as residential and industrial subdivisions, road and major building works or industrial construction projects such as dam building and land clearing.

Reshaping the landscape by the excavation and relocation of enormous quantities of materials requires specialist machinery and knowledge. Ideally, we aim to reuse as much as possible of the excavated materials in raising embankments and levelling so that the costly collection of waste material and/or the delivery of extra earth materials can be avoided.

Breakwaters and sea walls require specialist heavy plant equipment and operators.

Our excavators and equipment have interchangeable attachments that are tailor-made for this type of work.

In this challenging environment, safety is a major concern and our highly trained operators work to the exacting standards of our WHS and Environmental Management Plan so that safety is never compromised.

If your construction project requires detailed rock excavation then Simpson Earth has the right equipment for the job.

The rock saws can cut to a range of depths and diameters making them suitable for trenches and pits, strip footings and beam foundation excavation and many other forms of detailed rock excavation.

When combined with our hammers, for breaking through rock and concrete quickly and precisely, there are few rock excavation challenges that they can’t meet.

Our award-winning combination of professionals and equipment are able to construct trenches in the hardest ground. At Tahmoor Colliery our team cut through 5km of solid sandstone with our purpose built rock saw to provide power for the colliery airshaft upgrade.

As always, safety is paramount, and our employees work in conjunction with energy company engineers to ensure the job is carried out to the exacting standards required by legislation. Each member of the team plays their part so that the whole operation runs smoothly.

We also undertake high voltage cable anchoring, cable drop and site preparation for substation construction. Wherever cabling and earthworks overlap our expertise ensures a safe and efficiently functioning installation.

Examples of our handiwork can be seen as far afield as the Hunter Valley, where we installed a 560 m/66KV cable drop for Integra Coal: And as close to home as West Cliff Colliery where work included preparation of the substation construction site.

Superior management and up to date training mean that our teams work confidently and seamlessly with other contractors, ensuring there are no hitches and that your project proceeds to conclusion in the most time efficient manner.

Simpson Earth has all of your site preparation, rehabilitation and earth work requirements covered with an extensive range of earth moving equipment and experienced, qualified operators.

Land clearing – including tree clearing, large tree pulverising and mulching and vegetation removal, landfill and site remediation are all part of our site preparation services.

We can help you with the most convenient and cost effective way to have your site cleared and prepared for construction.

At Simpson Earth we pride ourselves on our attention to detail when it comes to site remediation and rehabilitation. We ensure that your site is rehabilitated in such a way as to reinstate the natural land surface, promote rapid revegetation and prevent the initiation of soil erosion.

Topsoil removed during excavation can be stockpiled and used during reconstruction so that your site will match surrounding undisturbed areas.

Where practicable, natural drainage patterns can be reinstated.

Compacted surfaces can be ripped or scarified.

Every effort is made to minimise the disturbance of surrounding vegetation and any visual impact, by creating landforms comparable with the adjacent landscape.

Our rehabilitation procedures and management have been publicly acknowledged as a winner for our submission for Stage 1 and 2 Coalwash Emplacement Rehabilitation in the Illawarra Coal Excellence Awards.

With Simpson Earth, you can rest assured that your rehabilitated site will comply with all legislative requirements and be aesthetically acceptable to the wider community.

Slope protection allows for natural revegetation using vegetation on site. Rocks and trees are used to create natural pockets for native seeds to spawn. This reduces the effect of soil erosion and helps promote healthy regrowth.

The building of small natural ponds encourages native animals and birds to return which in turn helps with regeneration of the natural landscape.

Simpson earth has the capabilities and equipment to carry out all associated works involved to successfully manage and deliver on various sized developments and road projects.

Our services include:

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