Simpson Earth Equipment

Simpson Earth operates an extensive range of plant and equipment. Our machines are well maintained by qualified and experienced tradespeople.

We employ the latest fully automatic laser levelling and GPS systems - perfect for levelling large areas and road construction or repair – which means your project benefits from the use of cutting-edge technology with increased accuracy and flexibility.

We offer a comprehensive range of equipment and all our operators are highly skilled and experienced and can be relied upon to provide a very effective professional service.

Our fleet includes:

  • 70 tonne Excavators
  • 45 tonne Excavators
  • 30 tonne Excavators
  • D8 Dozers
  • D7 Swamp Dozer
  • 637 Push Pull Twin Powered Scrapers
  • 12M Graders
  • Rollers
  • 70 tonne Rocksaw
  • Sandvik G100 Hammer
  • D10 Rippers
  • 100 tonne Low Loader