Heavy Haulage

With over 28 years experience in heavy haulage, Simpson Earth offers heavy haulage solutions designed to safely transport oversized structures and equipment. Whether transporting mining equipment or mobile plant - our wide selection of heavy haulage equipment means we can handle your project requirements.

Our service includes:

  • Up to100 tonne moves on site and 78 tonne road legal.
  • Low loaders fitted with bi-fold ramps allowing for a lower approach angle for loading and unloading equipment. An important safety factor when loading oversize equipment such as excavators, drill rigs and bulldozers.
  • Site Access: along with transporting your equipment we can design and construct access roads into difficult job sites.
  • Obtaining the required permissions to ensure compliance and safety while transporting your over-dimensional freight. We have dedicated in-house transport planners who will arrange all approvals and permits, working both with national and local authorities, to ensure compliance with any region’s regulations.
  • Where traffic management, temporary road closures or police escorts are needed, our project management team can make the appropriate arrangements.
Simpson Earth is committed to providing effective transport solutions for your projects while maintaining our high levels of safety and compliance. You can be confident that our highly experienced staff will give your load every care and attention during the transport process from route-planning and compliance to unloading at destination.