Our Earth Moving Projects

With 35 years in the business, Simpson Earth has crafted and participated in numerous projects throughout the Illawarra, Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven. All have been concluded with the same enthusiasm, attention to detail and pride that we bring to all our work.

You can have total confidence in our ability to deliver your project on time, on budget and in accordance with all current legislation. Our approach is one of "getting the job done" through implementation of tried and tested methodology that creates a quality product sure to satisfy all customer requirements.

Dam Construction

A dam is not just a hole in the ground - it is a water storage structure requiring design, survey and construction. To be effective, a dam wall must remain stable during large storm events and the soil must be relatively impermeable to minimise seepage loss.

Simpson Earth can build any size dam you require. This includes:

  • Silt Dams
  • Tailings Dams
  • Filter Dams
  • Agricultural Dams
  • Detention Ponds
  • Fresh Water Reservoirs
  • Lagoons
  • Small lakes


We take the time and care to ensure your dam is built to your specifications.

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