Our Earth Moving Projects

With 35 years in the business, Simpson Earth has crafted and participated in numerous projects throughout the Illawarra, Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven. All have been concluded with the same enthusiasm, attention to detail and pride that we bring to all our work.

You can have total confidence in our ability to deliver your project on time, on budget and in accordance with all current legislation. Our approach is one of "getting the job done" through implementation of tried and tested methodology that creates a quality product sure to satisfy all customer requirements.

Resource Recovery Facility

The key achievement on this project was creating a solution to maximise the amount of hard stand area we could provide for the client.

The original design for this project was to build retaining walls around the perimeter of the estate to provide a maximum surface area for the development.  This original design proved too costly for the client.  Simpson Earth proposed to the client a redesign to the plans eliminating the requirement for retaining walls.  Our proposal was to build steep stabilised batters providing revegetation and slope protection methods to support the batters from erosion.  After consultation with the design engineers we were able to successfully change the scope of work to accommodate for the steeper batters creating greater storage area and considerable cost saving to our client.

Simpson Earth successfully managed various challenges on this project.

We safely and effectively built up over 9m of fill on this site as well as the construction of a 2,500m3 capacity Bio-Retention basin whilst working directly opposite to a neighbouring rail corridor.

Simpson Earth's environmental and water management plans were continually monitored and successfully executed throughout the construction of this work.

The delivery and placement of a 13m long Stormceptor was  required to be installed 6m below ground level into solid rock.  Deep stormwater lines throughout the job were another part of completing the works.

A total of 180,000m3 of material was moved on this job to complete the cut and fill.  All associated works on this project were carried out utilising GPS capabilities.  The entire site required final trimming of sub-grade areas and placement of sub-base material in preparation for concrete hard stand.


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